Everything You Need To Know About Wraps And Scarves

We all have that one piece of timeless garment or accessory in our wardrobe, which can be worn in numerous ways to amp up our style. The fine scarves are timeless statement pieces that are perhaps worn in innumerable styles by women across the globe, making a statement. 

We think scarf wraps are multifunctional accessories that can be repurposed to create varied fashion statements. Stylish as they are, the designer winter scarves and wraps are also useful to beat the indoor chill or instill color and class in our Fall/Winter Wardrobes.

If you're a newbie to styling scarves and wraps, here's a little insight into the world of the best luxury scarves. These clothing accessories promise to bring out the diva in you and amp up your fashion game. 

A Unique Blend of Luxurious Fabrics And Unique Craftsmanship

When it comes to scarves and wraps, the one name that stands apart in the world of winter accessories and knitwear is Maneesha Ruia. Ruia's namesake brand brings you the most premium and luxury scarves in opulent fabrics. These techniques have been mastered over time, making your purchase a worthwhile investment.

Carefully woven and embroidered, a Maneesha Ruia scarf or wrap also makes for a great gift to your near and dear ones. Let's take a look at some of the most vivid styles that Maneesha has to offer:

La Vie En Rose

Maneesha Ruia's La Vie En Rose collection is perfection redefined. Woven in luxurious cashmere, the generous lace roses cover the entire scarf. The cashmere scarf wraps are meticulously handcrafted and are a labor of love. They come in shades of classic ivory, beige, and black, adding that subtle touch of grace and romance to your overall attire.

Urania Butterfly

Maneesha Ruia celebrates rich Indian fabrics and superior craftsmanship in all her designs that match modern subtlety and aesthetics. Her Urania Butterfly collection offers a glimpse into Maneesha Ruia's love for delicate fabrics, like fine wool and silk, and intricately crafted lace appliques. These fine silk and cashmere scarves with butterfly lace appliques in vivid hues of gray, copper, and beige promise to accentuate your favorite outfits and add subtle glam to your outfits. 


Are bold colors and prints your jam? If so, Maneesha Ruia will delight you with the Icarus collection. Icarus comprises scarves woven in fine silk fabrics in tantalizing prints. The printed silk scarves are traditional square-shaped ones that you can carry with almost everything - over your jumpsuits or sundresses. Their quirky look and ultra-softness promise to keep you comfortable and relaxed while you go about making a style statement. 

Maneesha Ruia: The House of Timeless Elegance And Excellence

One of the most beautiful aspects of Maneesha Ruia’s signature pieces is their keen eye for detail and craftsmanship. The intricacy shines through the exquisite collections, such as Charlotte and Myra. Let's take a sneak peek into these two collections. 


A celebration of skilled embroidery and beauty, Charlotte comes across as the classic scarf wrap you can pass on to generations without worrying about the ever-changing fashion. Woven in the finest cashmere in neutral hues, the highlight of the Charlotte scarves features eye-catching leaf embroidered motifs that enhance the beauty of these scarves while keeping them subtle and unique. You can find an array of colors suited to your love.  

Myra Glow

Myra Glow presents a glamourous rendezvous between the classic and the bold. These designer winter scarves have been woven with lustrous silk and fine wool and detailed with intricate floral lace borders. The metallic borders on the neutral-hued fabric lend a bold yet classic touch to the collection, making Myra Glow an excellent choice for all occasions. 

Maneesha Ruia - Your One-Stop Destination For Premium Accessories

Maneesha Ruia's iconic styles  are woven with the finest merino wool, cashmere, and lustrous silks and custom-made to perfection. However, what makes each of these designer winter collections unique is the detailed intricacy with which the meticulously handcrafted motifs and delicate embellishments are crafted onto each piece of fabric - thus lending them a distinctive character and soul.

When you touch and feel a Maneesha Ruia fabric, you will know that you are not just intending to purchase a trending fashion accessory but investing in a piece of an heirloom that will stay for generations.

Maneesha Ruia is based out of Mumbai, India, and is noted as one of the most coveted accessory brands in the USA.