Best Cashmere Scarves to Keep You Cozy This Holiday Season

Copper Ombre Cashmere Scarf with a Dark Copper Chantilly Lace Border

The holiday season is here! It's time to get wrapped in the plushest winter wear and go out-and-about frolicking under the winter sun. Many of you might also be looking forward to gifting your loved ones - and what better to let them indulge in some beautiful winter fashion accessories, like high-quality knitwear? 

Whether you want to channel your inner diva this holiday season or are looking forward to gifting your favorite person something, a cashmere winter scarf can take care of all the possibilities with elan. And what better place to shop for the most elegant yet vivacious and best cashmere scarves than Maneesha Ruia?

Let's look at some unique ways to style your favorite cashmere scarf over an evening dress this holiday season!

5 Interesting Scarf Styles to Accentuate Your Evening Dresses

The holiday season is all about hosting parties at home, visiting your relatives and friends over dinners, or enjoying elegant parties that are the talk of the town. Whether you stay in colder places or warm places, a touch of warmth oozing through high-quality knitwear, like a cashmere scarf, promises to amp up your fashion quotient to a new level. Let's look at the brilliant ways you can style your scarf over an elegant evening dress. 

1. Floral Lace Accents Over Monochromatic Evening Dresses

Delicate floral chantilly lace always has the power to uplift the simplest of dresses to altogether another level. If you like to keep it classic and elegant, you can team up your evening gown or dress in a monochromatic high-quality cashmere scarf with delicate floral lace detailing. Our choice here would be the Canna Palla - Black Cashmere Scarf with Red Chantilly Lace range of scintillating scarves. This is one of the best cashmere scarves with the highest quality. You can opt for the black lace scarves with red detailing or may even go for a classic black and ivory combination. You could keep the rest of your outfit simple and fuss-free with neat cuts and play with the scarves instead.

2. Light Leaf Lace Scarves Over Formal Evening Wear

Who said you couldn't experiment with delicate floral lace scarves if you stay in relatively less cold places? Just swap your favorite cashmere fabric with flowy fabrics, such as a blend of linen and modal. Woven with soft fibers of pure linen and silky modal, Maneesha Ruia's Palla Isos Lin lace scarves are perfect for holiday season parties with the right amount of nip in the air. Our pick is this dreamy white leaf scarf that can add dollops of fun and elegance to your outfit for the night. 

Ivory Scarf with an Ivory Bold Leaf Lace

3. Over-the-top Chantilly Lace Scarves For The Femme Fatale

Are you the soul of every party, who exudes an ethereal fashionista charm everywhere she goes? If that's the case, we have the perfect lace scarf for you to accentuate your outfit. These best cashmere scarves in the Chantal range are silky solid with over-the-top lace accentuated with ostrich feathers. While Maneesha Ruia has an array of colors and patterns to choose from, you can't go wrong with this ivory and black scarf from this range that spells "femme fatale" loud and clear!

Black & Ivory Ombre Cashmere Scarf with a Black Chantilly Lace Border

4. Bold Applique For The Fashionista

If bold and beautiful is your style statement, the best cashmere scarves with bold applique detailing may be perfect. Our choice here would be the scarves from the Feuilles collection, which have a bold leaf pattern appliqued over cashmere in monochrome. Here's a quick styling tip from us: Wrap this scarf over your shoulder to tie a knot right at the center while you sizzle in your blingy off-shoulder outfit, preferably in the same color palette. We promise you'd be the center of all attraction!

Ivory Cashmere Scarf with Ivory Suede Leather Leaf Applique Center Patch

5. Bold Lace Panels For The Elegant Quirk

If you have a penchant for elegance and quirk, high-quality cashmere scarves with vertically segmented lace detailings all over might be the perfect ones for you to drape this holiday season. Though lightweight, the Crius collection scarves are still cozy, making them ideal for draping casually over your evening gowns/dresses - blingy or plain. In fact, you may as well carry it to a wedding function and enjoy being the apple of all eyes! Our pick from this range would be Maneesha Ruia's Beige and Black Cashmere Scarf with Black Hibiscus Lace Panels; we are sure you'll be spoilt for choice here!

Beige and Black Cashmere Scarf with Black Hibiscus Lace Panels


Scarves are some of the most versatile pieces of winter clothing that one may have in their wardrobe. Be it summer or winter, a good scarf can always help you ace your fashion game. And when it comes to purchasing scarves, Maneesha Ruia is your one-stop destination for not just scarves but high-quality knitwear suiting all purposes and weather conditions. Maneesha Ruia's vivid array of knitwear sweaters, shawls, and scarves is available online. So, wait no more and get your dream cashmere chantilly accessory today!