Styling Your Chic Scarves This Summer: What's Trending?

Summertime heralds a new season of fashion and style, and scarves are not immune to this change. The golden, sepia tones of the summer command breezy styles, pastel tones and light fabrics in scarves for women. The purists may be smitten with linens and satins, but airy blends, too, are in vogue today, bringing together the best of two worlds in women's scarves. Paired with delicate, intricate patterns and prints, the scarf styles that we discuss today have been turning all the paparazzi's heads lately.

Let's take a look at some of the trending styles of scarves for women, where you can wear them and how you can do that best!

A wispy mousse scarf, woven from a linen and modal blend, features a contrasting ivory bold scalloped edging lace border

Laces and Linens

Lace has dominated the greater part of the 20th century in shepherding much of the fashion. On the other hand, linen blends are at the forefront down the ramp today; a confluence of lace and linen blends is bound to raise the style quotient of your wardrobe by several notches, at least. Throw in some understated colours – like greys, peaches, pastel pinks or off-whites – and you have an elegant scarf you can pair with pretty much anything.

To top it off, grapevine patterns take the lead with their poised, tendrilous grace and give scarves a pointed air of sophistication.

What to wear it with?

Linen blends are perfect for formal/semi-formal (almost casual) settings. Pair it with an elegant jumpsuit for a dinner date or a gala night.

How to style it?<

Linen and modal blends can be worked delicately into double wraps or effortlessly draped on the shoulders.

Silk, Wool, Colours and Vines

Silk is a timeless fabric fated for the pedestal of glory in the world of fashion. Its cosy warmth is complemented by blending it with fine wool, creating a new fabric with inherent "Chaude" (warmth) that keeps you feeling comfortable through the moonless night draughts. The wool and silk scarves for women thus created are most elegantly diaphanous, almost sheer, and fall gracefully over the body's curves.

Combining the wispiness of the fabric with bold colours like red, black, copper and beige makes for an intriguing statement when you waltz in with one such drape. The grapevine lace patterns accentuate the couth of the entire ensemble.

Woven from a fine silk and wool blend, this beige scarf features a contrasting black bold scalloped edging lace border.

What to wear it with?

Wool and silk scarves with grapevine lace are warm and are best paired with bold fashion that can complement their presence. Tonal clothing or high-contrast (like red scarves and black tops) outfits bring out the best in these scarves.

How to style it?

Being delicate, these scarves are best worn in the twist n' drape or the one-shoulder fall style.

Floral and Animal Print Scarves

Summertime is about bright flowers and camouflage; that puts floral and animal print scarves at the leading edge of the catwalk. Modal and silk blends are the trendsetter fabrics in this category, alluring fashionistas with their light and spirited appeal. It adds to their score of chicness with lacing along the edges.

A Summer Floral Print Modal and Silk Scarf with a Scalloped Natural Bold Leaf Lace Border

What to wear them with?

Animal and floral print scarves go well with your carefree attire, like solid or gingham pinafore dresses or tee-shirts and distressed denim shorts.

How to style them?

These scarves for women look best with ascot or hidden knot styles, partly draped and partly slung. You can even try the tucked knot.

Bold Colours and Wings

Also in the style game lately are prints of tropical and nocturnal birds (a pleasant surprise) combined with bold, candy colours and satiny, silky fabrics. Toucans, cockatoos, owls and hummingbirds are trending in this category. Colours like lime greens, tangerines, marigold yellows, inky blues, and bright greens are some favourites.

A classic silk square scarf with a toucan print.

What to style them with?

These scarves are trendy street style statements. They look best paired with jumpsuits or neutral coloured tops with a high-waist denim.

How to style them?

Ascot knots and hidden knots look great with these scarves. You could also try the double knot, the back drape or on your tie around the head. 

"Wrapping" up Everything About Scarves for Women

No matter what season, scarves never go out of style. Materials and colours may change, and blends may change, but scarves stay. This versatile piece of apparel can be styled with any kind of clothing - western, ethnic, fusion, etc., in any season. For the spring-summer run, grapevine patterns in linen are trending hot!