Heroes from The Past Decade: Unveiling Our All-Time Bestsellers

Heroes From The Past Decade

Join us on a journey down memory lane as we unveil the timeless allure of our all-time bestselling scarves that have graced the fashion world over the past decade. From elegant cashmere to chic linen and silk blends, these signature pieces have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, making them must-haves for all seasons. Let's dive into the exquisite details of our top ten heroes, each a testament to the artistry and innovation that defines Maneesha Ruia's legacy.

Grapevine Lin: The Wispy Mousse Elegance

Mousse Linen And Modal Scarf With An Ivory Scalloped Lace Border

Wrap yourself in sophistication with Grapevine Lin, a delightful scarf woven from a luxurious blend of linen and modal. Its wispy mousse texture is adorned with a contrasting ivory bold scalloped edging lace border, adding a touch of femininity to any casual ensemble. Versatile and fashionable, this scarf embodies the essence of timeless elegance. 

Feuilles: Black Cashmere Splendor

Black Cashmere Scarf With Black Suede Leather Leaf Applique Center Patch

Indulge in sheer luxury with Feuilles, a black cashmere scarf featuring a tonal suede leather leaf applique patch at its center. Exquisitely soft and beautifully detailed, its wispy eyelash fringes add a touch of grace to your every move. Whether it's a chilly evening or a fashion-forward statement, Feuilles promises to turn heads with its opulent charm.

Ampelos: Denim Blue Vine Grace

Denim Blue Silk And Wool Scarf With A Mousse Lace Application

Embrace contemporary chic with Ampelos, a denim blue scarf crafted from silk and wool. Adorned with a generous application of contrasting mousse lace in a bunch vine design, this scarf effortlessly elevates your evening wear or your casual denim outfit. Its perfect size keeps you comfortably warm, making it a staple for sophisticated fashionistas. 

Iris: Vintage Black and Beige Harmony

Black Wool & Silk Scarf With Beige Corded Lace Applique Border

Enchant with Iris, a black and beige scarf combining the softness of wool and silk for a heavenly touch. Its generous beige corded lace applique border adds vintage elegance, creating a stunning visual contrast. Wrap yourself in warmth and style, as Iris becomes the centerpiece of your ensemble.

Canna Palla: Timeless Black and Gold Glamour

Black Cashmere Scarf With Gold Chantilly Lace

Step into the limelight with Canna Palla, a black cashmere scarf adorned with an intricately handcrafted application of contrasting gold Chantilly lace. The vine pattern extends inward from the ends, making it a captivating evening wear accessory that keeps you fashionably stylish.

Palla Isos Lin: Soft Pink Feminine Grace

Soft Pink Linen And Modal Scarf With A Soft Pink Bold Leaf Lace

Experience the epitome of feminine grace with Palla Isos Lin, a wispy soft pink scarf crafted from a comfortable linen and modal blend. Its substantial tonal soft pink leaf-patterned lace emboldens its distinctive and utterly feminine look, making it a breathtaking addition to your daytime wear.

Thetis Lin: Ivory Whimsical Whispers

Ivory Linen And Modal Scarf With Multi-Colored Rudraksha Pearls

Add a pop of color and whimsy to your style with Thetis Lin, an ivory linen and modal blended scarf adorned with fun and quirky multi-colored rudraksha pearls. Delicately scattered across the scarf and as an inner border, Thetis Lin is the epitome of lightweight and breathable charm for any occasion.

Chantal: Copper Ombre Elegance

Copper Ombre Cashmere Scarf With A Dk. Copper Chantilly Lace Border & Copper Ostrich Feathers

Make a striking entrance with Chantal, a stunning copper ombre scarf woven from fine cashmere. Its partly tonal and partly contrasting dark copper Chantilly lace in a scalloped design, adorned with copper ostrich feathers, exudes elegance and grace, perfect for an evening out.

Grapevine Chaude: Red Silk and Wool Bliss

Red Silk And Wool Scarf With A Black Scalloped Lace Border

Radiate sophistication with Grapevine Chaude, a red scarf woven from a fine silk and wool blend. Its contrasting black bold scalloped edging lace border adds a chic and contemporary touch, keeping you stylishly warm for every occasion.

Janus: Reversible Black and Taupe Versatility

Dual Color Black And Taupe Reversible Wool And Silk Scarf With Dual Color Black And Taupe Floral Lace Application And Border

Experience the versatility of Janus, a reversible dual-color black and taupe scarf crafted from wool and silk. Featuring a generous dual-color taupe and black floral lace application and border, Janus transforms into a timeless accessory for day or evening wear.


The heroes of Maneesha Ruia's past decade have enthralled fashion enthusiasts worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the world of luxury scarves. From cashmere splendor to linen elegance, each piece represents the brand's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style. With a wide range of choices to cater to all preferences, Maneesha Ruia's signature scarves continue to captivate, elevate, and inspire fashion-forward individuals for generations to come.