5 ways you can support sustainable and ethical fashion in Summer 2023

5 ways you can support sustainable and ethical fashion in Summer 2023

In 2023, more than merely being visually fashionable, caring for the environment is required. Due to the adverse climate crisis that’s rapidly impending us, it’s necessary that we be more mindful of what we pick to reflect our style. After all, what’s fashion if it’s not meaningful and sustainable for our planet? But in doing so, every piece of clothing counts, right from the main outfit to those complementing pieces. So, if this summer you’re also aiming to choose sustainable and ethical style standards, let this blog be your guide.

Here, we’ll discuss 5 of the simplest yet most effective ways to support sustainable, environment-friendly fashion while maintaining summer aesthetics. Let’s start!

Avoid Fast Fashion- The Slow Environment Killer

According to recent research, fast fashion brands produce whopping 1.92 million tonnes of fabric waste every year. By the end of 2030, these figures are only expected to spike up to an estimated 134 million tonnes a year! Now, if you dig into its environmental implications, you’ll realize just how concerning it is.

The trend of “fast fashion” thrives on the idea of “something new every day.” There’s no room for concepts like “classic wardrobe pieces.” So every garment that you throw away and purchase something new that’s in fashion, ends up in the landfills, emitting harmful toxins and gases like methane and carbon dioxide before finally decomposing after some gazillion years. Additionally, even the production of these fast fashion clothes takes significant resources and only produces material that is not sustainable or of good quality. So avoiding fast fashion brands is the first thing we ought to do. 

Choose sustainable brands like Maneesha Ruia for your everyday accessories and lead the change with sustainable fashion - one piece at a time.

Pick Linen & Modal Scarves And Embrace Sustainability 

You can’t deny it, summer style is incomplete without a pretty scarf around the neck. Although you may already have your wardrobe stocked, it’s incomplete without an exquisite linen and modal one. Why so? Well, not only do these fabrics feel light on the body, but they are also environment-friendly. While the modal fabric is made of organically-derived cellulose fibers, linen leaves behind no waste and is entirely natural. These are the material our summer scarves are made of, being fashionable and yet sustainable.

Keeping these facts in mind, we curated our Palla Isos Lin collection. This range of summer linen scarves is focused on bringing the breezy summer spirit to light without being harsh on the planet. With leaf-patterned lace designs and eye-pleasing soft hues, these scarves are crafted with fine-quality linen and modal blend fabric to give you a refreshing look and help your wardrobe become more sustainable. 

Soft Pink Linen And Modal Scarf With A Soft Pink Bold Leaf Lace

Style these linen scarves around the neck with an off-shoulder jumpsuit for a girls’ day out or a casual white shirt for a formal office look, or as a sarong on the beach and take summer fashion up a notch!

Go For our Hand-Painted Khal Scarves For a Cozy Look

What are the most typical features common to all luxury scarves for women? These would be -  beauty, comfort, handwork, and sustainability. Yet the best of these worlds aren’t so commonplace, especially when fast fashion is the norm these days. But that’s where slow fashion techniques like hand-printed come into play. Yes, as beautiful as they look, hand-printed scarves are also sustainable as well as unique. They use eco-friendly dyes and are bio-degradable by nature. Then they are further accentuated by hand embroidery to enhance the design.

These scarf pieces endorse the idea that choosing sustainability should never come at the cost of elegance, and the ethically sourced scarves in our new style, Khal epitomizes this value. These scarves are made with the softest wool to give you a trendy and comfortable feel. The lush floral patterns and multi-colored embroidery make sure they’re a perfect fit for your summer wardrobe.

Khaki Wool Scarf With A Cluster Print And Multi-Colored Embroidery

Throw it over your shoulder, wear it as a bandana for a casual look, or style it with a shirt dress to make a statement this summer.

GOTS is GOOD - And We Are All About It

The fashion industry is often laden with brands selling high-end clothes made of low-quality fabric. This might seem fine till you look into its terrifying impact on the environment. Believe it or not, it’s been found that washing low-quality textile clothes releases tiny plastic components that ultimately end up in the oceans. That’s a dreadful environmental hazard that needs to be checked by all fashion labels. One way to do that is by purchasing fabric from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified suppliers. This certification ensures that every piece of garment that you buy is made of textile that’s organic and eco-friendly. 

At Maneesha Ruia, we comply with this standard. All our clothing pieces are made from raw materials sourced only from GOTS-certified vendors. As with our Lille collection, these scarves are donned in mellow pastel tones and contrasting lace applique. The linen scarves fabric used for these dainty pieces is 100% ethically sourced and bio-degradable. 

Linen Scarf With Lace Appliques

Flaunt it with a floral midi dress, or wear it as a regular scarf to keep away the harsh summer sun.

Proudly SEDEX Certified For A Better Tomorrow 

Being environment-friendly goes much beyond choosing sustainable living alternatives. It goes beyond making conscious decisions about what clothes we wear and how long we use them. The sustainable brand you’re choosing should be just as conscious about the well-being of its artisans as it is about the planet. But how can you figure that out? The SEDEX certificate is your answer. This certification ensures a brand is socially compliant and considers the well-being of its employees.

At Maneesha Ruia, we proudly possess this standard certificate. All linen scarves from our splendid Nantes collection that reach your wardrobe from our warehouse are handcrafted and made with love. With blooming floral patterns, soft pastel shades, and breezy texture of the fabric, this is where peak sustainability meets supreme beauty.

Dual Color Blue And Mousse Floral Print Linen Scarf With A Mousse Lace Cut-Out Inner Border

Style it with shorts, or wrap it around the neck as an accessory with a basic white top and blue jeans, and that’s it - your everyday summer look is sorted!

This Summer, Go Sustainable In Style With Maneesha Ruia!

Going sustainable is never easy - especially when making a statement is just as important. But you can easily do both with these ethereal scarves from the house of Maneesha Ruia. So this summer, go sustainable fashion in style with Maneesha Ruia scarves and show the world how glamorous it can be.