5 versatile ways to style scarves this season


Wait...what? Did you just say you have packed your scarves already and stuffed them in your wardrobe for next winter? Well, it's time to bring them out again, for scarves are perhaps the most underrated fashion accessories. They can be used all year round, amping up your style quotient without being too ostentatious. And nowadays, with linen, cotton, and silk scarves available in mesmerizing hues and prints, you can't ignore the sea of possibilities that this versatile fashion accessory has to offer!

Apprehensive about how to style a scarf in summer? Well, don't worry - at the end of this article, we promise you'll find the perfect way to do so that suits your persona and charm. Let's take a look.

Vagabonde SKU 3500 -  (Wrap it as a Top)

Wrap It as a Top

Yes, you heard us right. If you are someone who loves to experiment, this tip is for you! Wearing your vivacious silk scarves as a handkerchief top or a crop top is the next big thing. Team it up with linen shorts and set the stage to get the temperatures soaring while you chill like a queen.

Our favorite here would be Maneesha Ruia's Vagabond silk scarves, inspired by her travels far and beyond, which are the perfect fashion accessories for a carefree yet classy look. Team the "top" with black silk pants, and you'll be ready to paint the town red!

Anemone - (Vintage Scarves and Head Bands…)

Vintage Scarves and Head Bands are En Vogue

Headbands and bandanas are set to make a comeback, girls! It's time to channel your inner girl-next-door look with your printed favorite vintage scarves. Take a cue from the celebrity closets and style it with your vintage shirt and bell-bottom pants or even with a strappy summer dress.

Our top choice here would be the Anemone vintage scarves by Maneesha Ruia. These fine and luxurious cashmere wool scarves with handcrafted lace detailing are perfect for adding some regal Parisian charm to the streets of New York! 

Vagabonde SKU 3501 - (Necktie)

Wear Your Scarf as a Neck Tie

Elevate your everyday outfits by pairing them with an earthy scarf as a necktie. You could go for silk scarves with prints or elegant solid linen scarves over your regular jeans and cami.

However, if you ask us, we suggest you wear the scarf necktie to dress up your semi-casual wear for your next professional meeting. Maneesha Ruia's Grapevine Lin scarves with intricate scalloped lace borders are the perfect fashion accessories to boost your confidence while keeping it minimal and smart.

Beverly Modaux - (Wrap yourself in cool interiors)

Wrap Yourself in Cool Interiors

Have a flight to catch? Well, don't forget to pack a scarf! We all know how chilly flights can be, but that cannot mess up our airport looks, right? Girls, if you're in the same plight, ditch your jackets and pullovers for an elegant neutral-hued scarf, like Maneesha Ruia's exquisite and handcrafted cashmere wool Anemone scarves, which promise to keep you warm inside chilled interiors and add up as a style statement.

Furthermore, if your holiday takes you to beach destinations, how about making your look more regal by ditching your multi-hued sarongs for the more charismatic Maneesha Ruia Beverley Modeaux white scarf (both as a sarong or a coverup dress)? We promise you'd turn quite a few heads with that!


Azalea - (Just throw it On)

Just Throw It on

You don't need any special drapes to wear a scarf - really! Just find a funky scarf and throw it over your simplest outfits to notice a great transformation. And if you're looking for the perfect eclectic scarf to serve you delicious looks every time you wear it, look no further than Maneesha Ruia's Azalea 3D floral and embroidered scarves!


There are innumerable possibilities you can unfurl with a scarf. So, get your imagination going and experiment with your scarves. And in case you are looking forward to adding more of this elegant accessory to your closet, check out Maneesha Ruia's fantastic scarves collection now!