5 Tips to Style White Scarves This Summer

Chloe Cashmere Scarf

A summer fashion wardrobe feels incomplete without white fashion ensembles. Be it a chic white scarf or a breezy white tee, the colour makes you feel like 'less is more' when it comes to getting dressed. A white scarf makes for a stunning fashion accessory to style your look without appearing too mundane. I prefer layering it up beneath a blazer, wrapping it around my waist, and using it as a bag accent. Here are some great tips I would recommend to style your white scarves for women, just like a fashion connoisseur.

The Classic Neck Wrap 

Jazz up your formal outfits by tying a solid white scarf around your neck. A neck wrap lends a polished finishing touch to a corporate look since it adds more definition to pencil skirts and blazers. Loop the scarf around your neck and tuck the loose ends to create a choker effect.

Beverly Modaux Modal Scarf with Lace

Acacia Modaux Modal Scarf

I love using the Beverly Modaux as a neck wrap. This ivory modal scarf with a dainty filigree lace border is a classy take on conventional scarves for women. Add fun and style to any outfit using this stylish scarf. 

The Shoulder Wrap

Think out-of-the-box when it comes to styling neck scarves. Besides wrapping them around your neck, you can turn them into a cute shrug ideal to wear around your shoulders on a cool summer evening. Just centre it behind your back so that both sides of the scarf are of equal length. Then tie the ends to form a single or double knot.

 Hygeia Modal and Silk Scarf

To pull off the shoulder shrug look, you need a white scarf with a stylish border. I love creating this classic look with Hygieia Modaux. This light modal and silk scarf featuring vintage lace panels is great for a chic everyday statement. This wispy scarf will take your style quotient up a notch and lend your outfit a balanced look when used as a shrug. 

The Headscarf

Silk Scarf for the Pony tail

A scarf is a great makeshift hair accessory that can be employed as a headscarf. Complement your breezy and colourful summer dresses with a headwrap— made using a rectangular cotton or silk scarf. Wrapping your entire head with cashmere scarves, creating a bandana or turban with a silk scarf, or adding a peppy touch to your ponytail using a white scarf are equally chic options. 

Feuilles White Cashmere Scarf

For a chic look, drape the Feuilles Ivory Cashmere Scarf over your forehead and tie the two ends into a knot at the back of your head. The soft cashmere scarf featuring leaf applique patches and eyelash fringe detailing ensures a comfy wrap while lending a stylish look.

The Bag Accent 

You can use your chic white scarf to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tote bag. I love adding a pop of personality to my canvas tote bag by twisting the scarf around its handle and tying a knot. You can also wrap a silk scarf around one handle of the bag for a unique look.

The Grapevine Lin ivory linen and modal scarf can turn heads in this case. This ivory scarf featuring a bold scalloped edging lace border can resurrect the look of any dull-looking tote bag.

The Bandeau Top

Turn your scarf into a bandeau top to slay your outfit like a fashion maven. For a fresh take on summer style, pair it with your favourite shorts, a flowy skirt, or a pair of high-waist denim jeans. Make a triangle after folding your white scarf. With the triangle facing down, wrap it around your chest and tie the ends at the back. 

I love creating this classic look with the Acacia Modaux modal scarf. The breezy ivory scarf with filigree lace and eyelash fringe detailing can be used to make a bandeau top or halter top - whatever you fancy.

The Bottom Line 

We adore the classic neck scarf, but there are myriad ways to style a white scarf and break the monotony. Add a little pop of personality to your outfit by pulling off a bandeau or halter neck top created using a white scarf. Wrap the scarf around your wrist, use it as a bandana or head wrap, or simply tie it to your handbag; you cannot go wrong!