Winter Soiree: Embracing the Art of Scarf Styling

Winter Soiree: Embracing the Art of Scarf Styling

Winter is more than a season; it's an opportunity to make a statement with your style with a wide range of luxury scarves online. As the temperatures drop, scarves become not just a practical accessory to keep you warm but a canvas to express your personality. Maneesha Ruia understands this, offering a curated collection of fall scarves crafted from the finest materials – Cashmere, Merino Wool, and luxurious Wool and Silk blends. Let's dive into the art of scarf styling and the nuances of each exquisite material.

Ways to Wear Your Winter Scarf: 

1. The Loop

Let's start with the classic loop style. It's not just a way to stay warm; it's a statement. Take your scarf, fold it in half, loop it around your neck, and pull the ends through. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility – adjust the tightness and length of the loop to suit your mood and the occasion.

2. The Knot

Elevate your winter look with a touch of elegance through the knot style. Wrap your scarf around once and tie a loose knot with the ends. The versatility of this style is remarkable – you can position the knot to the side, the front, or the back of your neck. This style particularly shines with scarves that feature patterns or embroideries.

3. The Twist:

For a playful and dynamic appearance, try the twist style. Begin by wrapping your scarf around your neck once, leaving one end longer than the other. Now, twist the longer end around the shorter one until you achieve a captivating spiral effect. You can either tuck the ends under the twist for a neat look or let them hang casually for a laid-back vibe. This style works wonders with soft and voluminous scarves.

Ways to Wear Your Winter Scarf

Choosing the Right Material: 

Now, let's unravel the secrets to choosing the perfect material for your fall scarf:

1. Fine Wool:

Winter and wool go hand in hand. Embrace the warmth, durability, and breathability of natural wool. Whether it's Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca, or Mohair, wool scarves are your winter companions, offering protection against the biting cold. Perfect for the winters, our triangular Annette scarf is stylish, highlighted with lace and comfy. A worthy investment for the discerning fashionista.

Fine Wool

2. Wool and Silk:

Silk, the epitome of luxury, is not just for summer when combined with merino wool, it adds a smooth, shiny, and delicate texture to the scarf and is luxurious to wear including in winter. Our Cleta printed scarves are versatile in styling, as the combination of wool and silk makes them easy to twist and drape. 

Wool and Silk

3. Cashmere:

Now, let's talk about the crème de la crème – Cashmere scarves. Soft, lightweight, and warm, they bring an unmatched level of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, whether casual or formal. Cashmere scarves come in different weights, depending on how many layers of cashmere are used to make them. The weight of Cashmere affects warmth, thickness, and drape, allowing you to choose the perfect scarf tailored to your preferences. Our elegant Eden scarf, highlighted with gorgeous thread embroidery and delicate lace makes it a perfect scarf for occasion wear. The quality, superior warmth, and sheer luxury they exude make them an investment in your winter wardrobe.


With these scarf styles and material insights, you're not just facing winter; you're embracing it with confidence and flair. Maneesha Ruia's Winter Collection invites you to stay warm and stylish, wrapped in the finest materials crafted for the discerning fashion enthusiast. Explore the beauty of Cashmere, the comfort of Merino Wool, and the opulence of Wool and Silk blends. Winter is your runway – own it with Maneesha Ruia!