The Essential Sweater Weather Collection

Danielle Taupe Melange Cable Sleeveless Jacket.

When it comes to winter weather, staying warm and cosy becomes your top priority. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on fashion. A traditional thick knit is crucial for dressing for the cold weather. After all, whether you're dressing up for an autumn date night or going for a comfortable, casual look that still feels sophisticated and fun, there's no shortage of ways to style a sweater.

Layering with knitwear is one way to stay chic and stylish in the cold weather. Need help deciding which item to pick? Here is some trendy outerwear to help you ace the winter fashion game.

Beira Woolen Capes

Need an extra layer of warmth without bulking up? Go for capes! This free-flowing accessory makes a stylish addition to your wardrobe and is a must-have for cold weather. A chic cape may give you confidence all on its own. Capes have now become the ultimate fashion statement all over the world. You can wear them with almost any outfit and look great. 

The knitted collared woollen capes from Beira are made from the finest quality wool to keep you warm and soft to the touch. Its main highlight is the floral lace appliques that give it a unique and beautiful look. Available in black, grey, and taupe mélange colors, these versatile pieces will go with any outfit and make you stunning this winter

Morpheus Ronde Knitted Capes

If you’re a sucker for floral lace borders, consider these Morpheus Ronde knitted wool capes. It’s a classic piece to add to your sweater weather collection.

The elegant floral lace borders make a statement like no other. Don it for formal events, weddings, or even night parties to look effortlessly chic. To complete the appearance, choose a delicate design in high-quality wool fabric and layer it over ripped jeans and a solid top.

Morpheus Ronde Taupe Cape

Attis Wool Jacket

If you’re looking for something warmer than capes, wool jackets should be your ideal choice. Having a good assortment of jackets is also useful since it makes drab weather feel a little more exciting when you can throw on a fun coat.

Woolen jackets are the best clothing during cold, snowy weather, not only because they lend ample warmth but because they can be equally stylish too! Don’t believe us?

Take a look at this stunning navy blue knitted jacket from Attis. Its ribbed color and lace bell sleeves make it one-of-a-kind. Whether you wear it for a formal or casual event, all eyes will be on you.
Attis Navy Blue Ribbed Collar Jacket

Beatrice Knitted Jacket

Casual can be stylish, and knitwear can be dressy. Knitwear can be a comfortable alternative while dressing up for vacation.  The weight of the cloth allows it to hang and fit beautifully.

It's ideal for women who travel to wear knitted clothing since it allows them to move freely without sacrificing style. Knits are very simple to style, as they can be dressed up or down with a few accessories.

Here’s another floral-laced border item to keep you stylishly warm this winter. Light and soft, the Beatrice knitted sleeveless jacket can be your ideal travel companion. This finely crafted item exudes chic femininity and sophistication.

Pair it with your favorite jeans and body-hugging sweater, and you’re ready to make a statement this cold season.

Beatrice Dual Color Dark Grey and Grey Melange Sleeveless Jacket

La Vie en Rose Broderie Poncho

Ponchos are a fall staple that you just can’t miss. Ponchos can be used as a fashion accessory, to lend a unique edge to an outfit, or simply to cover up. Ponchos are popular because they come in a variety of colors that are suited for the chilly winter months and do not cost a fortune.

They are great for keeping your shoulders and back warm, but if you feel too hot, you can easily take them off. Plus, they’re convenient to fold and carry anywhere you go.

The La Vie Rose Broderie woolen poncho is an eye-catching statement piece that any woman would love to own. This light hue and bold rose appliques make this the perfect winter date-night outfit.

La Vie en Rose Broderie Oatmeal Melange Poncho

Danielle Fur Collar Wool Jacket

Want to add a hint of luxury to your woolen jackets? Get yourself a fur collar coat! Besides making your overcoat extra warm, fur collars lend style and glamour to your ensemble.

Fur collars are the most fashionable items of clothing for winter this year. People no longer rely on lengthy coats and jackets to cover up their winter clothes. People prefer to spend money on fur collars and scarves to look stylish and add a touch of luxury to their attire.

The Danielle leopard fur collar jackets are as comfortable to wear as stunning they are to look at. Wear it to add a pop of color and texture to your plain winter wardrobe.

Danielle Black Cable Sleeveless Jacket

Chronos Avec Pearl Woolen Jacket

Chronos Avec pearl woolen jacket will make a unique and interesting addition to your sweater weather collection. The navy blue ruffles and pearl beads around the neck and the sleeve hems add a fashionable and elegant twist to the attire. Save the jacket for special occasions where you want to be the highlight of the party.

Danielle Black Cable Sleeveless Jacket

Final Words

So spruce up your wardrobe by incorporating these designer sweater weather collections. If you’ve loved these essential winter wear, there’s more at Maneesh Ruia. Whether you prefer floral laces, faux leather, sequin panels, or fur, Maneesh Ruia has the perfect outfit for you. Shop from the chic collection of woolen jackets and capes and make yourself elegantly stylish this winter season.