Quick Guide on How to Ace That Spring to Summer Wardrobe Transition

As a fashion maven, you might be excited to update your spring wardrobe and make it summer-ready. Although the transition from spring to summer isn’t as tricky and drastic as winter to spring, a few tweaks are required to help you get out of the rhythm of wearing the perfect seasonal wardrobe. Personally, I would suggest a few excellent ways to optimise your look for the hot weather season.

Boreas Ivory Wool Scarf

Layer It up!

I know you might be sick of layering all winter long, but subtle layering in the summer will allow you to brighten your outfits without weighing them down. Stock up on cute sports bras in colours like hot pink or pastels and layer them underneath your seasonal tees or tanks. Complete the look by pairing them with shorts or leggings of your choice. 

Linen or modal scarves are also great transitional essentials, perfect for the scorching summers. Instead of piling on those layers with grey or black scarves, use a light-coloured scarf to complement your tank tops and denim jackets. Complement this look with a nice summer skirt or denim shorts, and you are good to go.

The Wool Boreas scarf is great to style with your summer outfits. I like the gorgeous lurex border, and the quirky handcrafted motifs that this range of scarves comes with make any ensemble look effortless and fuss-free.  

Louise Powder Blue Wool Scarf

Denim Jackets Can Be Your Best Friend!

Denim jackets are one transitional piece ideal for every season—be it winter, spring, or summer. For summer, they can be teamed up with light and airy floral dresses or paired with chic shorts. To make heads turn, accessorise your denim jacket with a light wool or linen scarf by wearing it as a neck wrap.

I recommend using the Louise wool scarves to achieve the neck wrap look. This crinkle textured scarf, woven from soft fine wool, can add an oomph factor to any summer outfit. 


Swap Sweaters for Light Blazers

The hot summers give you a perfect excuse to swap your heavy sweaters and cardigans for light blazers. A blazer in a light and neutral colour blends seamlessly with almost all colour palettes. Pair the blazer with denim jeans and shoes for a more casual look or pencil skirts to wear to work.


Acacia Modaux Powder Blue Modal Scarf

Invest in Flattering Dresses

While the spring season is all about loose and airy maxi dresses, the summer is perfect for body-hugging dresses that flaunt your curves. For those who want to stay on the comfortable side, I would suggest investing in subtly loose A-line dresses. Wear a belt with these dresses to take your style quotient up a notch. Alternatively, get a few pairs of light modal scarves with intricate borders and use them as fashion belts.

You can ace the belted dress look with the Acacia Modaux scarves. With dainty eyelash fringes at the ends, the light and chic modal scarves look lovely when paired with colourful summer dresses.


Count on the Classic White Tee

A classic white tee is an absolute basic and can be worn in several ways in summers. Wear it with a neutral suit, team it with cycling shorts, add it over a swimsuit, or pair it with denim—whatever you fancy!


Palla Isos Soft Pink Scarf

That Little Black Dress

Even if you are not a fashion lover, you must have at least one black dress in your closet. Black is a classic colour that is great for summer too. If you love wearing black dresses, here’s a chic way of making them stand out! Add a wispy grey scarf to your black dress for an evening look. You can even pick a pretty-looking scarf for women in shades like soft pink, ruby, or butter yellow and wrap it around your neck with your dress.

Keeping it chic is a styling mantra you must follow. That is why I suggest you check out the gorgeous Palla Isos Lin scarves for women, which come emboldened with leaf-patterned lace, giving them a feminine look. These scarves could easily be styled with your black dresses. 


Don’t Forget the Footwear

As summer kicks in, it’s time to forgo those winter boots and replace them with light booties, sandals, or wedges. You can also count on sneakers to achieve a sporty look. Mules and flats are other summer footwear to rely on. Team your all-white sneakers with a midi dress, denim, or shorts. Try heeled mules with jumpsuits and sandals with linen pants.

In a Nutshell

Transitioning from spring to summer is not as daunting as you may think. Just replace your heavier ensembles with lighter ones and dark colours with soft, neutral shades. To elevate your everyday look, scarves for women can help you stand out and make a statement like no other.