Ode to a Decade of Creativity: Exploring our 10th Anniversary Collection

Explore the 10th Anniversary Collection

Transforming original works of art into textiles and curating avant-garde collections of designer cashmere, merino wool and linen scarves, the journey of Maneesha Ruia is truly inspirational.

A 10-year success story whose craft, exceptional quality, and sustainable practices have amassed a loyal audience and continue to pique the interest of those with an eye for enduring fashion.

Today, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are more committed than ever to creating ethical and effortless luxury. With a passionate drive to exceed expectations, the brand continues to exude charm through its beautifully crafted luxury scarves for women with our 10th Anniversary collection.

Transforming Original Art into Timeless Elegance

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends are fleeting and styles swiftly fade, there exist those exceptional creations that stand the test of time. These are the true heroes of a brand’s journey, the pieces that have charmed hearts and adorned lives over the years. Maneesha Ruia's 10th Anniversary Collection is not just a celebration of a milestone, but a tribute to these beloved champions that have graced our scarves' universe. 

1. Chantilly: Crafting Elegance in Cashmere

Our Chantilly Black Cashmere Scarf With Beige Embroidery and Chantilly Lace is an embodiment of sophisticated charm. Woven from the finest cashmere, its sumptuous black canvas is adorned with intricate beige embroidery and black lace, adding an air of regal elegance to any ensemble.

Black Cashmere Scarf With Beige Embroidery and Lace

2. Lourdes: Luxe Meets Opulence

The Light Copper Cashmere Scarf with Light Copper filigree lace, 3D floral applique, and faux fur bordering on one side, named Lourdes, exudes opulence. Its ethereal copper hue, combined with delicate lace and 3D florals, captures the essence of luxury that is synonymous with Maneesha Ruia.

Lt. Copper Cashmere Scarf with Lt. Copper Filigiri lace, 3 D Floral Applique, and Faux Fur bordering one side

3. Metz: A Tapestry of Beauty

The Mousse Linen and Modal Scarf with all-over Ivory floral embroidery and an Ivory floral lace border, known as Metz, weaves a tale of artistry. Its intricate floral embroidery celebrates nature's beauty while the raised floral border adds a touch of grace, making it an exquisite accessory for every season.

Mousse Linen and Modal Scarf with All Over Ivory Floral Embroidery and an Ivory floral Lace Border

4. Cleta: Artistry in Bloom

Cleta, our Blue Water Lillies print wool and silk scarf with a Navy Blue floral lace border, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Its stunning floral print with a brush stroke effect captures the essence of nature's serenity, while the navy blue floral lace border adds a touch of delicate refinement.

Blue Water Lilies Print Wool And Silk Scarf with a Navy Blue Floral Lace Border

5. Provence: A Tapestry of Colors

In Provence, a Black cashmere scarf with multi-colored embroidery and lace, an exquisite symphony of colors unfolds. Its intricate embroidery tells a story of cultures intertwined, while the lace border adds a touch of classic elegance.

Black cashmere scarf with multi-colored embroidery and lace

6. Marseilles: Taupe Elegance

Marseilles, the Taupe Cashmere Scarf with Ivory pearl embroidered borders on translucent fabric, is an epitome of understated elegance. Its taupe hue exudes sophistication, and the ivory pearl embroidery adds a touch of luxury that transcends time.

Taupe Cashmere Scarf with Ivory Pearl Embroidered Borders

7. Rennes Lin: A Whimsical Canvas

Rennes Lin, an Ivory linen scarf with all-over multicolor floral with leaves hand-painted and further enhanced with multicolor georgette frill and thin filigree lace border, captures the whimsy of artistic expression. Hand-painted multicolor florals, combined with delicate frills and lace, create a canvas of enchantment.

An Ivory Linen Scarf with All Over Multicolor Floral with Leaves Hand Painted with Multicolor Georgette Frill and Thin Filigree Lace Border.

8. Grenoble: Charcoal Charisma

Grenoble, the Charcoal Cashmere Scarf with Beige Hibiscus Floral Embroidery Border, is a study in contrasts. Its deep charcoal hue provides a striking backdrop for the beige hibiscus embroidery on whisper-thin fabric, creating a scarf that makes a statement.

Charcoal Cashmere Scarf with Beige Hibiscus Floral Embroidery Border

9. Limoges: A Tale of Contrasts

In Limoges, a Black Cashmere Scarf With Beige Border Embroidery, the interplay of colors and textures unfolds. The beige border embroidery adds a striking contrast to the black cashmere canvas, creating a scarf that is as elegant, as it is timeless. A classic combination for any formal occasion.

Black Cashmere Scarf With Beige Border Embroidery

10. Dijon: Effervescent Elegance

Dijon, the Fuchsia Cashmere scarf with Red Tie-Dye Border and gold crystal Floral Motifs, celebrates effervescent charm. Its fuchsia hue radiates energy, while the red tie-dye border and gold crystal motifs add a touch of opulence.

Fuchsia Cashmere scarf with Red Tie - Dye Border and gold crystal Floral Motifs

11. Cognac: Nature's Embrace

Cognac, the Dark Gray Mélange Wool Scarf with a Bold Leaf Lace, embraces the beauty of nature. Its mélange wool texture reflects the richness of natural hues, while the bold leaf lace adds a touch of earthy elegance.

Natural Mélange Wool Scarf with a Natural Bold Leaf Lace

12. Paris: Ivory Dreams

Paris, the Ivory Cashmere Scarf with Metallic Bead Embroidery, is a dream of sophistication. Its ivory canvas is adorned with metallic bead embroidery, creating an ethereal shimmer that captures the spirit of the city of lights.

Ivory Cashmere Scarf with Metallic Bead Embroidery

Conclusion: A Decade of Timeless Elegance

At Maneesha Ruia, we are committed to developing a welcoming and inspiring environment for all our customers. We’ve been working to deliver the finest shopping experience to help our customers express their style rather than just buy fashion.

From luxurious cashmere to delicate lace, from intricate embroidery to whimsical designs, each style tells a story of artistry, passion, and dedication. These scarves are not just accessories; they are timeless pieces of art that transcend trends and continue to captivate hearts. Join us in celebrating a decade of elegance, beauty, and the power of enduring style at Maneesha Ruia.